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Ladies Program 2019

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Club captain. Clazina Hagenson.    7523952    Secretary.   Rose Lepper.    027 4464 276    Handicapper.    Beryl Sutton    7523305

Club Day Tuesday Reporting time 930 am Starting time 10 am Alternate day Thursday Bobs day Wednesdays 10 am start

Trophy Definitions

Putting Trophy.

Medal Cup.

Aotearoa/Coronation Medal.

Hobbs Trophy.

Halcombe Tray.

LGU Medal.

Nancy McCormick/Robyn Neill Trophy.

Ern Rogers Memorial

Madoline Hoggard Trophy

Kay Sarten Memorial

Stableford Cup

Strokeplay Cup


Top Dog

Grandmothers & Others

Best 4 of 6 rounds.

Best 2 of 3 rounds: Divisions

National Competition-Best nett.

Nett qualifying round. Match play from then on - 2 divisions

Best 6 nett rounds for season

At least 6 LGU games per year. Four best nett rounds count.

Foursomes 36 holes.

Mixed foursomes 1/2 combined score

Foursomes. Drawn partners. 1 senior. 1 junior

Foursomes. Drawn partners. 1 senior. 1 junior

Best 2 of 3 nett rounds.

1 round of 36 holes. (Sen/Int) 1round 18 holes (Jun/Limit)

Top 18 players on LGU Ladder

32 players. Drawn partners/4 div/3 rounds.

Best 2 of 3 rounds